The Origin of Owls & Vowels

The origin of “Owls & Vowels” as a blog name did not come from my love of comics and books. Rather, it came from one of my other great loves: Library Storytime. I became a Youth Services Librarian in 2011, and since then I have been responsible for providing programing for youth between the ages of 3-18, as well as being the student volunteer / intern coordinator for my location. Storytimes are a huge part of what I do.

Each week for preschool storytime, I get the kids ready by starting with a little guessing game that uses a rhyme. For example, you might be familiar with:

“Little Mouse, Little Mouse, are you hiding behind the blue house?”

We play the game by counting the houses and saying the colors of each one. The children then take turns guessing which house the mouse is hiding in. It’s a daily common storytime practice, but I am always on the hunt for something new to use as a rhyme. Everything from “Moose Behind the Caboose” to “Bees Behind the Trees” have graced my beloved preschool storytime. It became a challenge to come up with new rhymes, and one day “owls and vowels” popped out of my mouth and a blog name was born!

I’m still new to the world of blogging (there is so much to learn), but now feels like the right time to start sharing things I have learned along the way. It’s what many gracious librarians have done for me over the years, so why not lean in and return in kind. I look forward to sharing my love of library programing and storytimes with you.

–  Owls & Vowels

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