Adventures in Audio: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I have a confession to make: I have never tried an audiobook… Until now! This holiday season, I’ve been crafting more than usual and wanted a way to “read” and make things at the same time. While my coworkers swear by them, three things have help me back from the literary soul train:

Reason one:


Reason two:

giphy (1).gif

And, reason three: I am a firm believer that the voice-overs I come up with in my head far surpass anything an audio book narrator could ever do.

giphy (3).gif

I know that’s mighty judgmental / egotistical of me, but my imagination is on point. Still, I felt like I was missing something, so when I saw that Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver was being turned into a movie AND that I could snag an audiobook version from Overdrive it was time to Carpe the Diem. Here’s the takeaway:

Plot / Owlet (Mini) Review: Before I Fall is basically Groundhog’s Day meets Mean Girls. Samantha Kingston is popular and powerful, until she dies and has to redo her last day over and over again. The story moves at a solid clip, and even though it could have felt repetitious to go through the same day repeatedly, Oliver manages to change enough events each day to keep it fresh. Oliver also gives readers a very honest and open look at death which I really respected.

The Narrator:  Sarah Drew crushes at being a narrator. She felt like a young adult, has a wide vocal range, and perfect pace. I wasn’t put off by any of the voices either, and she does both male and female roles.

Length: The audiobook was roughly ten hours, which for audiobooks is short, but waaaaaayyyy longer than how long it takes me to read a book. It felt weird to spend that much time with a book, but it was nice popping it on in the car or when I was getting ready for work. I felt ridiculously efficient.

giphy (5).gif

Final Hoot: I’m not sure if audiobooks would be my go-to form of literary consumption, but for commutes and crafting, this just might be a whole new world for me!

giphy (6).gif

Rating: 4 hoots for plot, 5 hoots for the narration!

Before I go… I tried another audiobook right after this one, and hated the narrator. Are there any you would recommend? Please post below!

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