Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

Published by: Delacorte Press on November 8, 2016

Review Source: Publisher, Netgalley

Genres: Young Adult, Suspense / Mystery

Plot: The Fault in Our Stars meets Pretty Little Liars.

Review: This one is really was mixed bag for me, but here are the highlights.

  • That plot, though. Imagine you’re stuck at home with a crippling genetic disorder, when all of a sudden a mysterious letter tells you that you can snag one hundred grand if you complete some dares. Would you do it? How far would you go? Hope and the other members of the Society are put to the test and things escalate rather quickly. The pace of the book makes for a super-fast read. I will say it isn’t the most unique storyline, but it did hold my attention.


  • Diversity of characters. While Dead Girls Society revolves primarily around Hope, a teen with cystic fibrosis, there is quite a bit of diversity with the cast of characters. We see POC, LBGTQ, and those who fall into different socio-economic categories. I appreciate that Krys is making an active effort to write a book that is inclusive. However, I do feel she glossed over some things and missed a powerful opportunity to propel YA fiction forward. More factual information on Hope’s condition and a deeper exploration of the hardships that LGBTQ teens face would have gone a long way towards making the book feel more sincere.


  • How plausible is this? I don’t want to spoil this for readers, so I am a going to try to dance around this part. I’m a slightly overweight female with chronic asthma. I can do a lot of things with the help of my medication. However, I’m not so sure I could do all the things Hope does, and she sounds like she’s in way worse shape than I am. Do I want the author to limit those with disabilities? No. Do I realize this is a work of fiction? Obviously. It’s just a bit much. Plus, this one fall prey to the plain-but-gorgeous-wonder-virgin trope that many YA books do. Can’t we just be average for a change?

Final thoughts: Even though it isn’t the deepest ormost originalbook out there, I still liked it and would read a sequel.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Who Should Snag It: Fans of Sara Shepard or Lisi Harrison might want to snag this one.

 *I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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