“Forgotten Ways for Modern Days: Kitchen Cures and Household Lore for a Natural Home and Garden” by Rachelle Blondel

Forgotten Ways for Modern Days: Kitchen Cures and Household Lore for a Natural Home and Garden by Rachelle Blondel

Published on: June 4, 2015 by Kyle Books

Source: The Library!

Genre: Nonfiction, Crafting, Housekeeping

Sometimes the old ways really are better. Especially if you are looking for a gentler, greener way to be. Blondel has pulled together tips and tricks that cover everything from tackling stains to upcycling old fabrics into shabby chic quilts. The book is broken down into seven parts and I have listed the highlights I enjoyed under them:

  • Cleaning
    • All-Purpose Orange Cleaner – this two ingredient, all natural cleaner is easy and effective. She also adds some variations to the base to make things like Kitchen Cleaner or Furniture Wipes.
    • The Wonders of Lemons – I had no clue these little guys were so useful, but I’m into her tips for whitening your nails, writing secret messages, and removing limescale.
  • Laundry
    • Stains – if even half of these tactics work, I’m all in. As a Youth Services Librarian I am usually a walking disaster. I’ll take all the help I can get.
    • DIY Wool Dryer Balls – Adorable and ecofriendly!
  • Kitchen
    • Reusable Beewax Food Wrap – Think plastic wrap, but organic cotton and delightful.
    • Jar and Bottle Care – She gives some tips and tricks on how to clean the inside and outs of bottles. You know all those cool upcycled projects you need jars for? Yeahhhhh.
  • Around the House
    • Odds and Ends Comforter – Shows how to hand sew or machine sew a twin comforter using scraps.
    • Top Tips for Saving Energy – While a lot of these felt obvious to me, it never hurts to have a reminder.
    • The wonder of Eggshells – Everything from candle making to calcium supplements.
  • In the Garden
    • Herbs and Gardening – Tips and tricks for how to grow herbs, what they are good for, and general gardening knowhow.
    • Bees and Chickens – tips and tricks on how to support wild bees and raise your own chickens.
  • Natural Health
    • Honey & Lemon Soother – Packed with vitamin C and yummy to boot, this home remedy is great. She also includes some other helpful / natural choices for common ailments.
    • Lemon Balm Ointment – While I’m not sure this balm will do everything she claims, it smells really nice and is moisturizing.
    • Fragrant Bath Teas – I like anything that’s for the bath, and all of these sound like they smell like heaven. Perfect for gifts too.
  • Natural Beauty
    • Solid Beeswax Perfume – Perfect DIY gift.
    • Care When Using Essential Oils – This is really a PSA that Blondel gives about essential oils and their potency. No one wants to waft lavender for miles.

As you can see there are a lot of goodies in this book! All of the projects have limited / easy access material lists, which is nice. They also seem easy enough for all skill levels. The only drawback for this book is that I wish there were more pictures, but it does include images of the items you really need one for. Overall, I feel this is a really nice addition to any housekeeping book collection.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Who should snag it: Anyone looking to go green will want to give this book a try.

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