New Comic Book Day!

Wednesday is special, magical, and weekly! It is also NEW COMIC BOOK DAY. Shall we take a moment to gush over what goodies await me at my local comic shop? Yes, please!



Clean Room written by Gail Simone and illustrated by John Davis-Hunt.

May I please have a moment of silence for this cover art alone?! My love for the illustrations in Clean Room knows no bounds.

However, this isn’t just a bunch of pretty pictures. Gail Simone is amazing, as always. This new series might just patch up the hole I still have from her leaving Batgirl. I have wanted to read this one in issue, but I held out for the graphic novel. My watch has ended.

Volume 1 is out today!!


Batman #1 written by Tom king and illustrated by David Finch
So it begins…

DC Rebirth is in full swing and Batman #1 has arrived! It’s caused me a bit of heartbreak to lose Snyder and Capullo, but I’m still excited to see where things are headed. Both Finch and King have solid track records in the industry. I don’t think either of them will take Batman lightly and this isn’t Finch’s first rodeo, so hopefully this is the start of something splendid.



Tales from the Darkside #1 written by Joe Hill and Illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez

Darkside, you had me at Hill & Rodriguez. Joe Hill consistently scares the shit out of me and Gabriel Rodriguez is the man. They are pure magic together. When you present me with a comic adaptation of stuff too gritty for TV… well I’m into it like Luke in a ton-ton.




Outcast Volume 3 by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta

Oh Outcast, how I love thee. Between this and the TV show I just can’t get enough of Kyle’s hot mess of existence. The cliffhanger at the end of the last volume was a killer, and it looks like things will really start to take off in the series from here on out. I am ready to get some answers and see some exorcisms!




While this isn’t everything awesome coming out today (Descender, you know I love you, boo), these are some of the ones I’m most jazzed about. Also, I rarely purchase single issues (my heart and shelf space can’t take it!), so if I left out your favorites please mention it in the comments and we can rave about those too!

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