T5W: Book Theme Songs

I took the month on May off of Top 5 Wednesdays, but I’m baaacccckkk! This week’s topic is “book theme songs”. Since I can’t pick just one book, I will give you five books / series I’m reading and their theme songs! Kicking it off (and in no particular order) with:

#1 Chew written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory.


Meet Tony Chu. Cibopath (anything he eats he gets all the dets on), FDA Agent, imperfect father… I could go on, but basically chicken will kill you and people have food superpowers. It’s rad, full of easter eggs, and funny AF. If I had to give Tony a theme song it would be “Guns Are Drawn” by The Roots. 

With this series wrapping up, I am really hoping it goes out with a bang.



# 2 Rat Queens written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and illustrated by Roc Upchurch and Stjepan Sejic


Can I just stop and fill you in on how much I love these ladies? An ungodly amount. There are three volumes out in the series and even though there were some creative bumps in the road, it’s solid all the way through. They cuss like sailors, drink like fish, and look amazing doing it. If there was a song they’d pop on the juke box at a pub it would be “Don’t Come Home A Drinking (With Loving On Your Mind) by Loretta Lynn. However, it would probably be the flavor of the hour lamenting to these sassy lassies, rather than the other way around.

#3 Deadly Class written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Wesley Craig and Lee Loughridge 


Take the 80’s and slather it in some true grit. That’s Deadly Class. Everything about it is emotional and electric. If I ever met Marcus in real life, I’d be willing to bet it would be under a bridge, chain-smoking, and blasting “Ceremony” by New Order while he works through his feels. Volume 4 hits stores in August. Snag it.

#4 Ever The Hunted written by Erin Summerill


I scooped up an ARC from Harcourt Childrens Books through Edelweiss. This is Summerill’s first book and it’s a stunner. If you like your YA fiction full of magic and swoon, you will want to snuggle up with this one in December. Cohan and Britta’s ship sounds a lot like “Spectrum” by Florence + The Machine.





Last but most definitely not least…

#5 Descender  written by Jeff Lemire and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen

Descender_01-1.pngAs far as comics go, Descender might be the most beautifully illustrated one I’ve ever read. Dustin Nguyen makes me wish I had done better in art school, because he is what I wanted to be when I grew up.  It’s ridiculous, really. No one should be that rad. As for Jeff Lemire, he’s been a comic love of mine since Sweet Tooth,  and an amazing illustrator with a very distinctive style that I just adore. When these two came together on this series it was everything I’ve ever wanted, but didn’t know I could have.  I also can’t help but think both of these guys must be really nice people. You just can’t create characters with that much depth and heart AND be dirt bags. The universe will not abide.


When you have killer robots as beautiful as this:


Well, come on! You need it in your life. Volume 2 just hit the streets a few weeks back, and I wanted it so bad I snagged a copy while I was running through the mean streets of Dublin. Best. Souvenir. Ever. You need to pop on “Star Man” by David Bowie and relish every page of this one.


As always and before I go, let me take a second to give a shout out to Lainey (Gingerreadslainey on Youtube), for creating Top 5 Wednesdays (T5W) where bloggers far and wide tackle top fives. If you want to learn more or join this jazzy group of bloggers, click here.

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