The Twilight Children written by Gilbert Hernández and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke

The Twilight Children written by Gilbert Hernández and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke

Published by: Vertigo on May 17, 2016

Review Source: Publisher, Edelweiss

Genres: Graphic Novel, Science Fiction

Plot: Small Latin-American island has strange white orbs that pop up all over town and wreak havoc.

Review: I’m a bit heartbroken over this title. It was my jam all the way until the end. The artwork is bright and crisp, perfect for capturing the tropical landscape without being cheesy. The characters and plot felt genuine and believable, which isn’t easy to do with sci-fi content. It is safe to say that The Twilight Children was quickly moving up in the ranks for graphic novels to adore. Then the unthinkable happened: it ended. One and done with zero enlightenment or closure. Through its four issues we see that there is a town with strange white orbs that can make kids go blind and teleport the locals. What we don’t see is why, what it means, or any other literary crescendo. The plot just kind of hangs there, which wasn’t enough to lead me to a happy conclusion. I feel that if Hernandez and Cooke can band together and crank out a few more issues, this series will hit five star status. Here’s to hoping they have a change of heart and keep it going, because I liked the beginning a lot.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Who Should Snag It: Die hard fans of Darwin Cooke’s style might want to add this to their collection, but the plot will disappoint many readers unless they decided to transition this into a series.

*I would like to thank Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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