My New Favorite Thing: Black Magick, Vol. 1

Black Magick, Vol. 1, Awakening Part One written by Greg Ruka and illustrated by Nicola Scott.

Published by: Image Comics on May 3rd 2016

Three reasons why you should drop everything for this one:

  1. The Plot. Rowan Black is a detective by day and a real life witch by night. However, the witchcraft depicted in Black Magick doesn’t come off as come cheesy Bewitched gone bad. It’s dark and believable. The first volume follows Rowan as she realizes that she is being hunted. It’s awesome and slightly terrifying for some reason. This series has a tone of potential and if subsequent volumes follow this one, it’s going to be an edge of your seat thriller. giphy.gif
  2. The Art. If this doesn’t hook you, nothing will. That detail, tho. I feel like I should do sharpen all my colored pencils and sketch and ode to it’s epicness. 1501399754965519655
  3. The Pace. Ruck ramps up the drama almost instantaneously. Maybe it’s my lack of an attention span the days, but I liked that he moved me through all the shenanigans like so: giphy 2.gif

So, yeah. Read that ish.

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  1. […] The Horror: Rucka wrote one of my favorite Batman arcs (The Long Halloween), and it is so hard to find a good witch story these days, so I was all in from the jump. What really sets this one apart (and increases the creepy factor) is Scott’s illustrations. This volume is stunning, which makes the ghastly bits all the more jarring. If you want a health blend of supernatural thrills with good ol’ fashion suspense, Rowan is your gal. You can checkout my past review here. […]


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