“Robin: Son of Batman, Vol. 1: Year of Blood”

Robin: Son of Batman, Vol. 1: Year of Blood (Robin: Son of Batman #1) by Patrick Gleason (Writer, Penciller), Mick Grey (Inker), John Kalisz (Colourist), Tom Napolitano (Letterer)

Published by: DC Comics on March 29, 2016

Review Source: Publisher, Edelweiss

Genres: Graphic Novel, Superhero, Boy Wonder

Plot: My favorite boy wonder is back form the dead and seeking redemption.
(Contains Robin: Son of Batman 1-6 and the “Sneak Peek” story from Convergence: World’s Finest Comics 2)

Review: If I had to pick a favorite Robin, it’s Damian. He’s snarky, skilled, and the perfect progeny of Batman. When DC resurrected him and launched a new series, I was overjoyed, and Robin: Son of Batman has a lot of what makes Damian so likeable. His recent brush with death hasn’t dampened his spirit, and has only intensified his resolve to be a proper Wayne. He genuinely wants to be a better person, and that determination mirrors Bruce’s struggles so perfectly, that it effectively adds another level of depth to their relationship (even though you don’t see Bruce in this one). This volume also introduces the daughter of Nobody (Maya), who serves as a partner, and Goliath, Damian’s giant dragon bat sidekick. The dynamics between the three of them are charming, and helps to display just how far Damian has come from his days under the al Ghul name. Concept wise, Gleason and his team have done a great job of sowing the seeds for a new era of Robin.
However, as much as I like the idea of Robin: Son of Batman, its lack of clarity keeps it from being a five star rating. The volume is slow and choppy to start, and the premise surrounding Robin’s Year of Blood isn’t addressed until much later. Also, new readers who haven’t been following Damian will find little to help them understand where his character has been up until this point, making it hard to connect with any of the characters. In addition, the illustrative work felt chaotic and overwhelming at times, which made it hard to follow some of the action sequences.
Despite its flaws, the volume does start to come together towards the end, and the introduction of its final plot twist is interesting enough for me to want to snag volume 2 before making a final decision on the longevity of this series.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Who Should Snag It: Diehard fans of Batman comics or Damian might want to give this a shot.
*I would like to thank Edelweiss and the publisher for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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