“Chrononauts” by Mark Millar and Sean Murphy

Chrononauts written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Sean Murphy

Published by: Image Comics on September 24, 2015

Review Source: Personal Copy

Genres: Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi

Plot: Two dudes wreak havoc on the time-space continuum. (Contains #1-4)

Review: Full disclosure, I’m fangirling pretty hard on Sean Murphy’s style right now, so I grabbed Chrononauts solely based on his involvement, and especially since Matt Holingsworth does the coloring. I just love their work together, and if you liked The Wake or Tokyo Ghost, this will meet your expectations.

Then there is the storyline that Mark Millar whipped up. It follows two guys who have figured out how to jump through time using these fancy orange suits. They quickly ditch any moral or ethical concerns about preserving the time-space continuum and choose to just do whatever they damn well please, because come on! Who wouldn’t?!

I liked Chrononauts, a lot. It made me snort with laughter at its absurdity, and it was a perfect fit for what I was in the mood for at the time: entertainment. It was quick, light hearted, and super fluffy. Perfect! I wasn’t looking for a comic to marry, I just wanted a quickie. Success!

Now I know some people are ripping on Millar, because they feel like he is a Hollywood sellout, but let’s be real here. There are a lot of different types of comics / writers out there. Not everything has to be a master opus, and it’s ok to crank out something that is just supposed to be light and fun. I’m a firm believer that variety is the spice of life, after all. I also feel that the best practice for taking on a new read is to balancing my desire with the creator’s intentions. I select my comic of the hour based on what I’m looking to read at the time.  When I want something jarring, I turn to Ennis. If I want something I need to linger over, I seek out Gaiman. Superheroes? I’m a Batman kind of girl. I don’t pick up a My Little Pony comic and wonder why it wasn’t a hard hitter. That’s just setting yourself up for disappointment.

To enjoy Chrononauts you have to take it for what it is. Don’t try to rationalize it or compare it to others. Don’t look for a deeper meaning. It isn’t that type of comic. It’s meant to be fast paced and entertaining, and it accomplishes that task rather well. I’m a little sad that it’s currently a one and done, but it was still a worthy read.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Who Should Snag It:  I you are looking for a quick read with lots of action and humor, try taking a trip with these guys.

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