Series Spotlight: “Sheltered vol. 1-3” written by Ed Brisson and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas


Sheltered vol. 1-3 written by Ed Brisson and illustrated by Johnnie Christmas

Published by: Image Comics

Review Source: Personal Copies

Genres: Graphic Novel, Suspense / Thriller, Apocalyptic

Plot: Lord of the Flies meets Extreme Survivalists who think the end is nigh.

Total Series Contains: Vol. 1 – #1-5, Vol. 2 – #6-10, Vol. 3 – #11-15

Review: The portion of this review that happends after the “spoiler bar of safety” contains a loose play-by-play if you would like a feel for how this series goes down. However, you should at least know that Sheltered packs quite a punch for only three volumes, and I highly recommend it. It is a feisty little cometary on what even the most innocent individual would do for survival.  The length and pace alone let you know that Brisson and Christmas aren’t amateurs, and each volume has plenty of content to keep you entertained.

If you are a fan of series that challenge your concept of humanity, you might like this twist on a popular theme.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


                  ************ SPOILERS AHEAD**********

sheltered 1

In volume one, we meet the people of “Safe Haven”, which is code for “crazy pack of survivalists who think the end is near”. Things seem to be fairly busy at the compound. They are stockpiling weapons, food, and other essentials for the impending apocalypse, but not quite at the clip they would like. The solution? Lead by Lucas, the kids turn on their parents and wipe them out so that they will have enough supplies to make it.

They probably would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for Victoria and Hailey, a.k.a. the two teens who didn’t know that parental slaughter was on today’s agenda. Things ramp up from here on out.



sheltered 2

Volume two is basically what happens when people panic in the face of strangers. Not only are Victoria and Hailey raging around the bunkers, stirring up tensions between the kids, but now some dudes have shown up with solar panels that were ordered by Lucas’ dad, pre-mortum. Bet you wish your dad wasn’t trying to be so self-sufficient, huh Lucas?

Side note: The best part of volume two is Curt. He’s this bald kid with the worst mouth and attitude. I adore him and his chunky, coke-bottle glasses.






sheltered three.jpg


Volume three is where things come to a head. Obviously, if a bunch of kids start popping caps the cops will hear about it. Safe Have has been compromised, but they aren’t going out without a fight. Lucas and the rest of the kids make a final stand against law enforcement, followed by a glimpse into the future which covers the repercussions of their actions. Brisson and Christmas give readers a solid amount of closure with an ending that throws the whole storyline into a different (and interesting) light. From begging to end, I truly enjoyed this one.

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