Program or Pass: A Meme For Sharing Library Programs

Librarians, by nature, are jacks of all trades; masters of most. The little known secret (for those outside the field), is that while library materials are extremely valuable to our supporting population, the true gem is a library’s ability to transform and excite its community. We are kind of like the Willy Wonka’s of the informational universe.


You see, librarians traffic in information, and that means that we are constantly seeking to understand and meet our community’s needs. Sure we have books, but we also have everything from knitting groups to beer brewing workshops. Whatever our community wants to learn about, we try to support. Unless it’s how to force people to wear itchy socks that slide to the bottom for your shoes. That’s just too evil.We can’t get down with that ish.

What they don’t tell library fledglings in school is that it’s hard to figure out what will start trending next, and it can be even more daunting to constantly come up with new program content. The saving grace is that librarians are rock stars when it comes to collaboration. Libraries are constantly sharing and improving ideas with one another for the betterment of all communities.

In an effort to help support and connect all those libraries out there who are working so hard, I want to try and start a blog meme called Program or Pass. The goal is for it to be a monthly blog meme where libraries will test or share a program idea that they tried, share tips and tricks for success, and evaluate whether they felt the activity was a program to keep (program) or move on to the next thing (pass). I would like to christen this new meme with #programorpass. We can post it, tweet it, and slap it on instagram. Whatever you feel will get the word on the street is fine by me. I will try to post my first one tomorrow.

One more thing, I am still really new to the blogging community, so I also want to take a moment to put out a call to all of you out there. Let’s share this and make it a thing! If it already is, let me know, and I will roll this on over to the existing meme. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this, please comment below. I’m all about making the world a little brighter, and I truly feel it’s a team effort all the way!




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