Everything Is Better with Star Wars

While poking around on Amazon I stumbled upon these mini model kits made by Metal Earth, where for about $11 I could build a tiny Millennium Falcom to cherish and love. It was a no brainer. I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE.

Two days later, and I had myself not only the Millennium Falcon, but the AT-AT as well because honestly everything is better in pairs, right?


I ripped open the package, snagged my needle nosed pilers and go to work. Oh, did I mention I put my game face on, because my brother told me these kits were super hard and he didn’t know if I could do it? Yeah… he must have forgotten that I am no ordinary older sister. I’m like the highlander of crafts.

When you open the package it comes with two sheets of metal and a page of directions. That look like this:

To assemble the kits you wiggle each piece out and start snapping them into place. It can be a little tricky getting things to line up, and folding the metal tabs back, but it really wasn’t that hard. FullSizeRenderIt’s also extremely rewarding to have a tiny Millennium Falcon that fits in the palm of your hand, and I’m jazzed about starting the AT-AT!

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  1. Squeeee!!


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